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Our History

Alalouf Shipping Ltd. was founded in 1919 in Salonika, Greece, by the late Nathan Alalouf. The company extended its activity to Israel in 1932 and has been serving since then as a leading shipping agent for the Israeli economy
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History

The first offices of the company were opened in 1932 in Butrus St. in Yaffo, not far from Yaffo Port. In 1936, during the Yaffo Riots, the relocated its offices to Allenby St. in Tel Aviv and later Alalouf also formed a branch in Haifa.


The company has been operating for more than 90 years, innovating and leading its field while demonstrating exceptional devotion to society and state.



The first years

Before the founding of the State of Israel, in the background of World War Two, Alalouf brought thousands of immigrants to Israel, most of whom were illegal immigrants from European countries via Salonika to Yaffo Port.


After the founding of the state too, Alalouf continued to bring Jews to Israel, including immigrants from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. They concentrated in Marseilles, boarded the company’s ships and sailed to Israel. Later, Alalouf ships brought Jews from Egypt and Romania too.


Alalouf is one of the pioneers of aviation in Israel – with the forming of the state, Alaouf joined the Belgian airline Cobeta, which became the first airline to reach Israel. In 1960, Alalouf formed with ship owners from Greece a passenger line to Israel.


Jacky Alalouf, the president of the Alalouf Group, was “born into the family business”. When he managed the company, its business affairs and international commercial relations developed and transformed it into one of the leading private companies in Israel in the shipping business and in complementary services for sea and air transport.


After the Six Day War, Alalouf started to work with the Italian company Grimaldi. Over the years the business cooperation with Grimaldi developed into additional lines from Scandinavia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Western Mediterranean, South America and West Africa. Initially Alalouf served as an agent of Grimaldi in the field of transporting vehicles and over the years started to transport containers to and from Israel too and was one of the pioneers in this field in Israel.


The company is one of the pioneers of sea transport of vehicles using ferries, initiating the application to the Hebrew Language Committee in Jerusalem to give these ships the Hebrew name of “Oniot Galnoa”, or RO-RO ships.



Business development

Since the 1980s, Alalouf has transformed from a single company to a group of companies with nine subsidiaries providing full logistic solutions to its customers in the field of international forwarding, customs clearing, land and air transport, cargo terminals, container repairs, storage of empty containers and construction of buildings out of containers.