Sun 24.06.2018
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Cargo Terminal 207 Ltd.

Emptying of containers and containerization, rapid handling of cargo from the time of discharge from the ship to the time of arrival to the warehouse shelf or the customer’s home
Cargo Terminal 207 Ltd.
Cargo Terminal 207 Ltd.

Terminal 207 Ltd. specializes in emptying containers and containerization. The terminal, which was formed in January 1996, is located in the rear area of Ashdod Port and covers a total area of 40,000 m2, of which 10,000 is enclosed for storage of import and export cargo, and 30,000 is an open yard used for storing full containers.


Terminal 207 guarantees its customers rapid processing of cargo from the time of unloading from the ship until arrival on the warehouse shelf, or the customer’s home, using rapid loading and unloading ability and overcoming possible delays in the release process. Unique conveying methods and equipment, large forklifts capable of lifting 45 tons and 30 tons and also small forklifts that provide for the conveying of all types of cargo and works that pose complications, including conveying of outsized and dangerous cargo. The terminal has electricity mains for simultaneously connecting 60 refrigerated terminals.


The location of the terminal near Ashdod Port (approximately 500 meters from the port exit gate) saves the terminal’s customers transport expenses and expedites the process of transfer from the port to the terminal. The railway siding next to the terminal (Marin Containers complex) allows for transport of full and empty containers to all railway sidings in the country. 



Link to the company’s website: www.207.co.il

Ashdod Port Rear Area, Ashdod 77140, Telephone: 08-8512400 Fax: 08-8535969