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Free Warehouse 208

Logistic and storage services for imported cargo that has cleared customs requiring special handling
Free Warehouse 208
Free Warehouse 208

Free Warehouse 208 opened for activity in August 2002. It specializes in logistics services and storing of cargo that has cleared customs and offers the following services: 

  • Receipt and storage of cargo that has cleared customs 
  • Inventory management 
  • Logistic services: Packing, labeling, division into subsets. 
  • Coordination and distribution 
  • Transport of containers / goods to any destination in Israel.


Warehouse 208 is run by a skilled team of workers working in the field of distribution and another team dealing in quality packing services at factories, offices and warehouses. The teams are supported by advanced, reliable information systems. 208 has modern conveying and transport equipment that includes: Small and large lifting forklifts, special equipment for dealing with delicate, heavy and special cargo.


The customer enjoys advanced logistic service, which combines nationwide distribution up to the customer’s house using a vehicle matching the transported product, while carefully meeting schedules, and with complete execution. Inventory is managed by computer, with customer access to general information and information related to its activity at each stage.


Warehouse 208 stores imported cargo that requires special handling such as adaptation to Israeli standards, such as: replacement of electrical plugs, addition of importer labels, attachment of warranty certificates and operation instructions in Hebrew and a range of other actions.


Warehouse 208 has a 24 hours computer system in use. The system includes recording cameras, a guard and an electrical security fence. The warehouse is connected to a security operations center.



Ashdod, Hasapanim St., P.O. Box 4013 Ashdod, Telephone: 08-8524426 Fax: 08-8523144