Sun 24.06.2018
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Ido Travel and Tourism Ltd.

A leading travel agency in Israel specializing in business trips and private vacations
Ido Travel and Tourism Ltd.
Ido Travel and Tourism Ltd.

Ido Travel and Tourism Ltd. was formed in 1981 and has been operating in outgoing tourism ever since.


The office specializes in: 


A. Handling of all aspects of business trips:

  • Planning and pricing of routes
  • Visa processing
  • Passenger insurance according to passenger needs


B. Vacations for the private passenger – sailing, skiing, spa, organized and independent trips.


Ido has a skilled, professional and discreet team of agents that is qualified to deal with any personal / special demand, efficiently and at short notice, with maximum saving for each of its customers. The staff at Ido beliwve in providing service to high standards. An order that is received by telephone, fax or email is processed and reported to the traveler or the travel coordinator within a very short time. As soon as final confirmation is received, the travel documents are received by courier at the customer’s office.


Ido belongs to the Alpha Club Holdings Ltd. Group, a private holdings company that was formed in 1998 by five established tour companies that have been operating in Israel for more than 30 years: Ganim Tours Ltd., Ido Travel Ltd., Progress Tours Ltd. and Rishontours Ltd.. Alpha Club is one of the largest chains in Israel, ensuring a high level of service and competitive prices. 


Recently, Ido Traveland Tourism Ltd. has joined as a company in the global Synergi Group, which operates for providing travel services.



Tel Aviv 55 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv, 97891 Telephone: 03-5381111 Fax: 03-5381122