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Marine Containers (1986) Ltd.

Storage, conveying and repair of empty containers and construction of portable buildings out of containers
Marine Containers (1986) Ltd.
Marine Containers (1986) Ltd.

Marine Containers was founded in 1986. The company specializes in the storage, conveying and repair of empty containers and construction of portable buildings out of containers. 


The company offers a wide range of services:

  • Storage of empty containers 
  • Container servicing and repair 
  • Operation of the railway siding that transports containers nationwide. 
  • Rental and sale of containers. 
  • Construction of advanced portable buildings using containers. 
  • Port services that include: Supervision of the unloading of containers and logistic consultation on the subject.


The information system of Marine Containers is connected directly to the shipping companies. The system is updated with information in real time and with data on containers that are due to be received from in warehouse area and the containers that are supposed to be drawn from the warehouse is provided to the system. Customers that draw containers receive a seal.


The company is located in the rear area of Ashdod Port on an area of 32,000 m2 and has approximately 100 employees with professional training in their field. The employees undergo local and international certification, including on refrigerated containers and receipt of directions as a Carrier standard establishment.


Marine Containers was one of the first companies involved in quality assurance; in 1986 it was the first in its field to be awarded the ISO 9000 standard mark.


Marine Containers has proven experience in the construction of buildings using advanced construction methods, of any size and for any purpose. The company manufactures buildings using quality materials that comply with Israeli standards. Its buildings are manufactured with close accompaniment and quality control.


The Marine Containers complex has a railway siding in it. The siding provides for transport of full containers between Ashdod and Haifa ports and railway sidings nationwide. Full and empty containers may be transferred through the siding and containers for export may be stored on the grounds of the company. 



Link to the company’s website: http://www.marine-containers.co.il

Ashdod P.O. 4001 Ashdod 77140, Telephone: 08-8562618 Fax: 08-8562441