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Tel Aviv
Address: 2 Hashlosha St. Tel-aviv
General phone: +972-3-5640202
Name Description Direct phone
Nathan Allalouf Allalouf Group Presidant 972-3-5640293
Gil Miller Allalouf Managing Director 972-3-5640280
Daniel Allalouf Commercial Manager Allalouf Group 972-3-5640294
Mati Allalouf Moshonov Communication & HR Manager Allalouf Group 972-3-5640202
Ilan Fintz Allalouf CFO 972-3-5640225
Accounts Department
Binyamin Ben-Perach Account Dept. 972-3-5640288
David Levi Account Dept. 972-3-5640218
Fortuna Touito Account Dept. 972-3-5640268
Hagit Azar Account Dept. 972-3-5640290
Naty Kosto Account Dept. 972-3-5640229
Ronit Moses Account Dept. 972-3-5640226
Sharona Moses Account Dept. 972-3-5640216
Shlomo Dihigorker Account Dept. - clients 972-3-5640297
Tali Krammer Account Dept. 972-3-5640296
Yaffa Yehuda Account Dept. 972-3-5640262
Idit Sheffi - Ohayon Export Dept 972-3-5640238
Zeev Gurfinkel Import Westmed & Euromed Line Manager 972-3-5640235
Esther Moses Grimaldi Import Dep. Tel-Aviv 972-3-5640214
Yaron Sheleg Import Far East Line Manager 972-3-5640231
Irena Gelfand Far East Import Department - Tel-Aviv 972-3-5640245
Marco Hofmann Import Grimaldi / Adriatic & Roro Manager 972-3-5640228
Karina Replyansky Import Dept-Grimaldi Adriatic & Roro 972-3-5640223
Nathan Allalouf Import Manager NYK RORO 972-3-5640293
Managment Secretary
Haya Bar Management Secretary 972-3-5640210
Mina Twig Management Secretary 972-3-5640280
Capt. Zeev Leibovitz Operation Manager 972-3-5640201
Quality assurance
Mati Allalouf Moshonov Quality Assurance 972-3-5640202
Oded Hareli General Sales Manager 973-3-5640295
Haya Ziv Secretary 972-3-5640202
Address: 40 Hanamal st
General phone: 972-4-8611811
Name Description Direct phone
Branch Manager
Izo Shalhav Haifa Branch Manager 972-4-8611800
Accounts Department
Hagit Dahan Haifa account Dep 972-4-8611818
Containers Control
Galit Izhak Haifa Container Control 972-4-8611806
Orly Ohana Haifa Conainer Control 972-4-8611816
Marlen Habib Haifa Export Dep. Manager 972-4-8611815
Michal Rabey Haifa Export Dep. 972-4-8611814
Dorit Doek Haifa Import Dep Manager 972-4-8611817
Omer Halfon Haifa Import 972-4-8611805
Avner Ben-Zvi Chief Information and Technology Officer 972-4-8611808
Shay Havardi 972-4-8611810
Izo Shalhav Logistics Manager 972-4-8611800
Nader Said Haifa Operation Dep. Manager 972-4-8611802
Orit Ben Haifa Operation Dep. 972-4-8611811
Hadar Morano Sales Promotion 972-4-8611822
Linda Rfai Sales Promotion 972-4-8611823
Sheila Deshpande Sales promotion 972-4-8611824
Address: 18 Ort St, Ashdod
General phone: 972-8-8513333
Name Description Direct phone
Branch Manager
Avi Gelber Ashdod Branch Manager 972-8-8513330
Containers Control
Bonny Ibanescu Conainer Control 972-8-8513341
Sinorena Talkar Ashdod Manifest Dep. 972-8-8513347
Rachel Levi Ashdod Manifest Dep. 972-8-8513335
Sandra Shay Ashdod export Dep. Manager 972-8-8513340
Marina Gerchikov Export Ashdod 972-8-8513339
Liat Farhat Ashdod Export Dept 972-8-8513354
Etti Ohana Ashdod Import Dep. manager 972-8-8513338
Iris Gan-El Ashdod Import Dep. 972-8-8513336
Mimi Zarmashvili Ashdod Import Dep. 972-8-8513337
Managment Secretary
Gigi Arad Ashdod Management Secretary 972-8-8513332
Benny Mekonen Ashdod Operation Dep. 972-8-8513342
Koby Ovadia Ashdod Operation Dep. 972-8-8513343
Meitar Kahlon Ashdod Operation Dep. 972-8-8513355
Shimon Amouyal Sales Promotion 972-8-8513345
Sharona Hanina Ashdod sales Dep. 972-3-8513344
Vered Gromov Sales Promotion 972-8-851346
Ira Karminsky Ashdod sales Dep. 972-8-851359
Address: Eilat Port
General phone: 972-8-6370066
Name Description Direct phone
Branch Manager
Avi Gelber Eilat branch manager 972-8-8513330